Two NY Nurses Charged With Forging COVID Vax Cards, Earned Over $1.5M

Two nurses in New York are now being charged with forging COVID-19 vaccination cards, along with putting the fake jabs into the New York state database.

The Suffolk County District Attorney arrested 49-year-old Julie DeVuono and 44-year-old Marissa Urraro. The complaint noted DeVuono is the owner and operator of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, New York, and Urraro is an employee of DeVuono. The scam conducted by the two reportedly went on from November 2021 to January 2022, and they allegedly forged vaccination cards for adults and children. The adult vaccination card allegedly costs $220, while the fake card for kids amounts to $85. The phony information would be placed in the New York State Immunization Information System database once they were paid.

Prosecutors say both women allegedly created records indicating a vaccine was given to an undercover detective even though they never administered the vaccine. During a search of DeVuono’s home, officials said officers found about $900,000. Along with that, they allegedly found a ledger documenting profits from the COVID-19 scam, amounting to over $1.5 million.

Special agent Scott Lampert spoke on the matter, saying, “Forging COVID-19 vaccination cards and entering false information into the New York State database used to track vaccination records puts the health and well-being of others at risk and undermines efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.” Both women are being charged with one count of second-degree forgery, while DeVuono is being charged with a count of offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree.

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