Ts Madison on Boosie Dissing Lil Nas X: Whose Kids Really Need To Be Protected?

Ts Madison, star and executive producer of the reality show The Ts Madison Experience, sat down with The Breakfast Club to speak about transphobia and homophobia in the entertainment industry.

While speaking about queerphobia, Ts Madison used Boosie as an example, and she believes that Boosie is hypocritical for saying Lil Nas X is detrimental to society. Madison explained that Boosie claimed that he had a grown woman perform oral sex on his sons when they were around 13, which Madison believes is detrimental in itself. She stated, “Whose kids really need to be protected?”

Later in the conversation, Ts Madison stated that she was a fan of Boosie before he started coming for Lil Nas X, but she believes that Lil Nas X has done nothing wrong in the situation, unlike Boosie. Charlamagne also shared his thoughts, and he stated that no rapper can speak about being a detriment to society if they’ve ever rapped about violence. You can hear more above.

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