Truck Crashes Into Building, Exposes Illegal Marijuana Grow Operation

An illegal marijuana grow operation was accidentally uncovered after a truck crashed into the building housing the enterprise went up in flames.

“We knew something was up next door, but we were neighbors that kept to ourselves,” said Mike Palmieri, who owns a business next door to the building. “But whenever the Whoppers weren’t cooking, you could smell them.”

“And any time after 10:30, it was gone. But if you were here in the evening time or morning time, it smelled like fresh skunk all morning long,” he said.

Investigators reportedly found 60 plants and said the grow goes against state and local codes, causing real hazards for the building and businesses around it.

The building owner told police the property was rented out to two people, but no further details about the tenants were disclosed as police continue their investigation.


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