Trey Songz Seen Spitting in Two Women’s Mouth on Video Set

Trey Songz has been in the news during the pandemic for many reasons. Previously, the singer got into an incident that found him getting into an altercation with the police at a Chiefs game. Along with that, Trey Songz has been facing backlash for his appearances at clubs and events, with some of the events getting shut down due to COVID-19 concerns.

All of this was after the singer revealed he tested positive for COVID-19. Now, Trey Songz has gone viral after a video surfaced of him spitting into two women’s mouths on what appears to be a video set.

The clip surfaced with no context, but showed the two women on the set willing to participate in Songz spitting in their mouths. The reaction found many fans giving their take on the video, with people going in on the singer for his actions during the pandemic. Take a look above.

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