Trey Songz Reacts to Woman Appearing to Spike His Drink


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A video of Trey Songz has gone viral after the singer caught a woman appearing to spike his drink.

In the video, Trey Songz is seen enjoying himself at a nightclub. Surrounded by women, the singer is holding his cup and listening to the music when an unidentified woman reaches across and quickly pours something into his cup.

Trey Songz caught the act and glared at the woman before looking down at his drink and glancing at the woman again. Since the video has gone viral and reposted on various blog sites, Trey Songz has not confirmed whether his drink was spiked or if someone was pranking him.

Viewers of the video gave polarizing responses to what they witnessed. While some found humor in the singer’s reaction, others wondered what the reaction would be if the roles were reversed. Take a look above to view the clip.

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