Transgender Serial Killer, 83, Arrested for Hiding Dismembered Body

An 83-year-old transgender woman named Harvey Marcelin has been arrested in connection to a severed torso with missing limbs that was found in an abandoned shopping cart, less than a block away from her Brooklyn apartment.

The dismembered body part is said to have belonged to a 68-year-old woman named Susan Layden. Police tied Marcelin to the slaying after they reviewed surveillance footage of Layden walking into the infamous serial killer’s apartment, where she was never seen alive again. The camera also captured footage of Marcelin disposing of various body parts, information that was later confirmed with a police warrant.

Law enforcement reportedly discovered a human head after executing a search warrant. Upon further review, the police investigation also revealed that Marcelin kept the electric saw that she allegedly used to severe her victim’s body parts in her apartment as well. While the NYPD has yet to recover all of the victim’s remains, they did find one of Layden’s missing legs a few days into the investigation. The case is still ongoing.

Marcelin previously served over 50 years in state prison for two separate incidents in which she murdered two ex-girlfriends. The 83-year-old served a 20-year sentence after killing an ex-girlfriend who wanted to leave her in 1963. After being released in 1984, she fatally stabbed another girlfriend less than a year after her release and was convicted of first-degree manslaughter. According to records, Marcelin was released from the upstate Cayuga Correctional Facility in 2019.

As of now, Marcelin is being held without bail at Riker’s Island. Her court date regarding this case was expected to take place March 10, in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

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Source: NY Post

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