Tory Lanez Roasted After Photos Seemingly Show His Bald Spot

Tory Lanez was trending on Twitter on Tuesday evening, and it was over photos that surfaced of him playing basketball. The photos showed a photo that was taken from above, which seemed to show Tory’s patchy bald spot on the top of his head. From a front view, the bald spot wasn’t noticeable.

Back in 2019, Tory revealed that he had a hair restoration procedure to fix his hairline after he started showing signs of balding. During an interview, Tory explained, “It’s not Bosley, though … that’s when they slice your head and do all this weird sh*t. I didn’t do that. My sh*t is more so natural. I met a doctor that does hair restoration—thatis specifically for African American and Latino hair. So, basically, I was going away on my corners. They help me do the restoration.”

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