Toosii Goes Off on Rubi Rose & DDG: “F**k You & Your Boyfriend!”

New York rapper Toosii opened up on his feud with Rubi Rose and DDG during an Instagram Live chat with DJ Akademiks.

Toosii revealed that his tension with the couple has been brewing for months and claimed DDG DM’d him in October 2020 to question him about his involvement with Rubi Rose. Toosii also showed an alleged DM exchange between him and DDG where the YouTuber-turned music artist asked about Toosii unfollowing him.

Later in the discussion, Toosii recalled a moment where he reached out to Rubi Rose because his little cousin was going to attend her show. He said she responded by texting him, “DDG got smoke with you. I got smoke with you too,” to which he responded, “B**** f*** you and your boyfriend!”

He continued by saying the text conversation led to a tense phone call between him and DDG. Toosii also claimed DDG had been posting subliminal shots towards him on social media. He then went on to insult Rubi Rose and her previous alleged relationships before hinting at a possible encounter between himself and DDG.

“Listen, gang,” Toosii started. “If you that mad about a b**** who done sucked every rap, every f****** genre d*** from Rap to Hip Hop to f****** R&B and Soul — if you that mad about b**** who done went from [Playboi] Carti…how old is [Lil] Tjay? Tjay like 18-years-old! You mad about a b****? Son, stop playing with a n****! Ain’t no need for you to have no pressure about a b**** who done sucked 35 f****** d**** before she even got to you. If you that mad, we on the same Rolling Loud date. F*** all this internet s***. You gon’ see me when you see me.”

Toosii stated that he doesn’t plan on doing anything to DDG because there’s no real issue. While Akademiks attempted to mediate the tension, Toosii felt as though DDG was keeping the tension going for the media attention after revealing that he’s tried reaching out to him.

Look above to check out the rest of the clip.

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