Toddler Born With Two Pe****s Has the Larger One Removed By Doctors in Brazil

Two years ago, a Brazilian baby boy was born with two functioning penises that were conjoined at the base. The rare condition, which has been medically termed diphallia, is a birth defect that affects just one out of every five to six million babies.

According to reports, medical practitioners in Sãn Paulo originally planned on removing the smaller genital organ, which was located on the right side but they decided to disconnect the larger genital organ instead because the patient was unable to urinate with it, due to an unusually narrow urethra.

The surgery was deemed a success, but it is unclear whether or not the young patient will be able to use the remaining genital organ to reproduce once his body matures into adolescence and adulthood. In the aftermath of the surgery, the two-year-old will also face increased odds of dysfunction in the colorectal and kidney systems, which could lead to death later down the line.

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Source: Daily Star

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