The McDonald’s Worker Who Was Shot Over Fries is Brain Dead, on Life Support

On Monday, Michael Morgan (23) sent shockwaves throughout news cycles and various social media platforms when he shot a McDonald’s employee named Matthew Jeremiah Webb (20) in the neck over an in-store dispute that started with a botched order of fries. Although the shooter was not present for the order itself, he showed up at the fast food restaurant upon being summoned by his mother, Lisa Fulmore (40), who called him out of frustration over the way that the McDonald’s staff members had been mocking her, in the face of a request to fix her order. The conflict intensified when Morgan showed up, and it culminated in a proposition for a specific McDonald’s employee, in particular, Matthew Jeremiah Webb, to join him outside. Webb honored Morgan’s hostile request, and moments later, he was thrown to the ground by the assailant and shot in the neck with a 9mm pistol (that was allegedly handed to him by his girlfriend, who has also been charged) just outside of the eatery on Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn). Morgan managed to evade an arrest at the time, but little did he know the incident was captured by surveillance cameras. So, he was apprehended by law enforcement shortly thereafter. The shooter was charged with attempted murder on Thursday. But the real dilemma lies with the health of the victim. Right now, Webb is on life support at the hospital, where he was just declared brain-dead. Morgan has a court hearing scheduled for Monday, if Webb dies in the meantime, Morgan’s charges will be upgraded. Hence, Morgan has a long weekend ahead of him as he awaits his fate in jail without bail.

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