Texas Professor Comes Under Fire After Proposing a ‘Cure’ for Homosexuality

According to reports, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas is under fire after proposing a “cure” for homosexuality.

Professor Timothy Farage is now being investigated for his tweet pushing forward misleading claims of an alleged link to homosexuality and monkeypox.

“Can we at least try to find a cure for homosexuality, especially among men,” wrote the professor of computer science. During a recent interview in light of the incendiary tweets, Farage insisted he had “nothing against homosexuals” but suggested a cure should be sought after.

“I’m saying, do medical research on the causes for homosexuality,” said Farage who suggested the cure be administered in the womb. However, after putting his claims forward, Farage admits “I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.”

After receiving several complaints, the university has since announced it is launching an investigation into Farage. “We take this matter seriously and that the statements by this individual do not reflect the core values of our institution,” the university said in a statement.

Source: Nypost.com

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