“He reverses and tries to go back in the other direction,” said Police Captain Jesse Salame.  “He doesn’t know that there’s a police car that is behind him. And when he sees the other police car behind him, it looks like he veers in and crashes into that (police) car purposely on the driver’s side. [The officer that fired the shots] thought the other officer was going to be struck (again),” Salame said

The cop’s gunfire completely missed the two passengers but they struck the driver in his abdomen section. He was treated for his bullet wound, shortly thereafter, while at the scene by paramedics. However, he died from his injury, moments after being taken to the University Hospital.

The San Antonio Police Department hasn’t named the police officer who fired the shot that killed the 13-year-old boy, but he has been placed on leave while an investigation into the matter is pending. As for the other two occupants of the stolen vehicle, it has yet to have been determined whether or not they will face criminal charges for their involvement.

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Source: Newsweek