Tennessee Woman Killed by Cop Following Parking Lot Shootout

Bodycam footage released shows Metro Nashville police officer fatally shoot 31-year-old Nika N. Holbert.

Holbert was pulled over by officer Josh Baker after discovering the owner of the black Chevy Camaro she was driving had multiple warrants. The owner of the vehicle, Demond M. Buchanan, wasn’t present during the encounter.

After pulling Hobert over, Baker tells the woman that the owner of the vehicle has multiple warrants and performs a quick search. While going through Holbert’s purse, Baker came across a baggie that apparently contained an illicit substance prompting him to put Holbert under arrest.

While attempting the arrest on Holbert, the woman refused and ran away from Baker. The officer then points his taser at Holbert as a warning. In a panic, Holbert runs back and gets inside the vehicle. Baker then tases her in an attempt to remove her from the car. However, Holbert grabbed a handgun from inside the car and fired shots at the officer who returned fire.

Holbert was later pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital. Baker sustained a gunshot wound but is in stable condition.

Source: YouTube.com

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