Teen shot dead at DC festival was ‘screaming out for his mom’

A 15-year-old boy who was among several people shot during a chaotic Juneteenth celebration in Washington, DC was “screaming out for his mom” as he lay dying in the street, according to a harrowing eyewitness account.

The teen — whose identity has not been released — yelled out in agony as he was shot dead at the Moechella street festival at 14th and U streets on Sunday evening, the witness told news station WTTG.

“To see him go. It bothers me. All of this that’s going on here it bothers me. And it needs to come to a stop. It really does.”

Dyson also recalled seeing one of the more than 100 police officers at the scene get shot in front of him.

“I was sitting next to a cop. Next thing you know, shots rang out,” Dyson recounted. “He did not want to stay down. He proceeded on. He was shot in the leg. And he kept moving. He went to the fire. He did not run away.”

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