Teen killed in horrific tubing accident after being dragged from water by truck

A teenager who died in a tragic tubing accident on Saturday night has been identified by his family.

Christian Garner, 18, was reportedly killed instantly after his inner tube was pulled by a pickup truck from the water and into a parking lot.

Pensacola police responded to a report of a traffic-related injury at Maritime Park in Florida around 7 p.m.

According to authorities, a pickup truck was pulling an inner tube in a retention pond.

Sgt. Britney Sturgeon said the driver pulled the tube from the bank and into the parking lot, according to WEARTV.

Garner was still on the tube when it landed in the lot.

“This is a very heart-wrenching and unusual case,” she added. “Very tragic. Just a straight tragedy, it’s very tragic all the way around.”

Sturgeon said an investigation is ongoing but expects more details will be given within the next few days.

Garner’s mother, Cecilia, gave a statement to Channel 3 on the death of her son.

“Christian was my baby boy. He was such a mama’s boy growing up. He loved working on cars, and he just started a new four-wheeler project,” she said.

“He loved to fish. He really loved his family, and we all love him so much. He was the best brother ever. My other two kids just lost their best friend.”

Source: NYPost

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