Tax Preparer Arrested After Pulling Gun on Complaining Customers

According to reports, a Houston tax preparer named Latunya Wright was arrested after she reportedly pulled a gun on customers who had issues with their tax returns.

A customer who used Wright’s service—Marquita Boyle, spoke on the incident and also recorded the situation too as it escalated. Boyle noted she caught the incident on tape as she was worried things would get out of hand. Boyle said that while arguing with customers who were upset about their refund, she watched the woman pull a gun on them.

Boyle said, “She had the gun pointed at him, and then, she turned around with the gun, and she actually cocked the gun. You actually cocked the gun at people that paid for your company’s services and wanted to know what was going on.” Boyle noted that she got audited by the IRS after using Wright’s services, so went to see Wright to clear things up. However, once Wright realized Boyle was filming, the woman reportedly took the phone, hit her on the head, then deleted the video. Police were able to retrieve the footage though, according to reports.

Wright was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery as a result of the incident.

source: Wave 3

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