Suspect Seen Using Bow-and-Arrow During Deadly Rampage that Killed 5 People

In October of last year, a Danish man by the name of Andersen Bråthen entered a supermarket in the city of Kongsberg and proceeded to go on a killing spree, while using a bow-and-arrow as one of his weapons of choice.

The 38-year-old didn’t have a specific target in mind, as he shot arrows at innocent bystanders inside of the store and outside of the property. He even managed to shoot some arrows into the homes of a few local residents. The carnage, however, didn’t stop there as Bråthen then stabbed five people to death.

In the aftermath of the devastation, many people speculated about the assailant’s motive. Some cited mental illness while others claimed that he was merely an angry radical that had converted to Islam. Although Bråthen would go on to accept full responsibility for his wrongdoings in front of a courtroom, the prosecution team and the defense argued that he should not be held criminally responsible because of his mental condition. Instead, they aim to have him committed to a mental institution in order for him to receive proper treatment. Ultimately, Bråthen’s upcoming trial will decide where he will be held for the foreseeable future.

Surveillance footage of the fatal incident involving Bråthen was captured in real-time and the photos were recently released. Scroll up to view.

Source: NY Post

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