Surveillance Video Shows “Coordinated” Mass Shooting in NY, 10 People Shot

The NYPD is currently investigating a “coordinated attack” involving two gunmen, assisted by two others on mopeds, who fired 37 shots at a Mexican restaurant in Queens on Saturday. The shooters wounded ten people before fleeing on the back of the two mopeds.

Surveillance footage shows the two masked gunmen walking around the corner before taking out their handguns. Shortly afterward, two mopeds are seen trailing them on the sidewalk. In another clip, the men are seen firing shots into the crowd before making their escape on the mopeds.

“After they fire at least 37 times that we know of, they calmly get on the back of the scooters and take off. Very brazen, to say the least,” said Chief of Detectives James Essig. “This was, as I can most accurately describe it, a brazen, coordinated attack.”

Essig added that three of the wounded individuals were Trinitario gang members, while the other seven were innocent bystanders. There was reportedly a party going on inside of the restaurant that the shooters targeted but the police do not believe the party was related to the shooting.

Out of the ten that were wounded, eight were men and two were women. All ten victims are expected to survive. The NYPD does not yet know the identities of the four men involved in the attack.

Source: NY Post

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