Stephen A. Smith Responds After Kwame Brown Threatens to Slap Him

Former NBA player Kwame Brown has broken his silence following years of people criticizing and joking about his career. After multiple social media posts aimed against Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes, the former center directed his attention towards one of his most outspoken critics.

While on Instagram Live, Kwame Brown called out Stephen A. Smith and referred to him as “a gatekeeper of disrespect.” While address Stephen A., who’s often referred to Brown as a “scrub,” Brown challenged the ESPN commentator to a fistfight in Seattle since the city doesn’t require a waiver.

“You n***** that I’m disrespecting, that’s because you the one that’s a gatekeeper of disrespect,” Brown said. “Stephen A., you bald forehead thinking you tough. Saying all kind of s*** like, ‘Oh, he can come see me.’ In Seattle, you ain’t gotta sign no waiver. Meet me in Seattle where you can have mutual combat and talk like that. I’ll slap…it’ll look like you gotta toupee on the front of your head how hard I’ll slap the back of your head motherf*****.”

After Brown’s remarks went viral, various Twitter users started questioning Stephen A. about a possible response. When user told the “First Take” host to respond, he made it clear that he would not engage in a back and forth with the former Laker.

“I will do no such thing,” Stephen A. responded. “I will not waste my time. That man is right; he’s been retired for years, yet all of us have been guilty of getting on him from time-to-time. He has every right to speak his mind. Go for it!”

When another follower asked if Stephen A. would comment on Brown’s remarks, he tweeted, “Folks! It’s called Big Boy rules the man has been minding his business [for] years….taking one insult after another. He’s perfectly entitled to speak out. I have no problem with it. I can take it. Have at it.”

Look above to view Kwame Brown’s remarks.

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