State Troopers Bragged Via Text About “Whoopin” They Gave a Black Man

According to reports, four Louisiana State troopers allegedly beat a Black man who surrendered himself after a high-speed chase. Now, court filings have noted Troop F officers sent 14 text messages back-and-forth to brag about the “whoopin’” they delivered to the 29-year-old man, whose name is Antonio Harris.

One of the cops in the group text—Jacob Brown texted the group and said, “He gonna be sore tomorrow for sure.” Another trooper in the group named Dakota DeMoss allegedly spoke on the incident in question and said, “He’s gonna have nightmares for a long time.”

The court filings are reportedly from earlier this month and noted that four white officers were arrested after accusations of turning body cameras off, lying about numerous arrests, and excessive force surfaced against them.

One of the officers has resigned, and two of the officers were placed on administrative leave after an internal investigation was conducted and concluded that Antonio Harris was beaten up after he “immediately surrendered.” Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Washington Post

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