South Carolina Man Arrested for Tattooing a Child Inside a McDonald’s

According to reports, a South Carolina man was arrested for allegedly tattooing a child inside a local McDonald’s restaurant.

Brandon Presha, 28, of Laurens, SC, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of illegal tattooing and underage tattooing. Laurens Police Chief Chrissie Latimore told reporters the judge set Presha’s bond for $25,000 for both charges.

The incident occurred on Aug. 6 when local authorities were tagged in a social media post showing the child receiving a face tattoo inside the McDonald’s restaurant.

β€œIt was an absolutely disgusting display,” said Latimore. While she didn’t disclose the child’s age, Latimore also said she hadn’t known whether this was Presha’s first time using the McDonald’s dining area as his personal tattoo shop, but noted he “looked pretty comfortable.”


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