South Carolina Death Row Inmate Reportedly Chooses Firing Squad over Electric Chair

A death row inmate in South Carolina is choosing to be executed by firing squad instead of the electric chair at the end of this month.

Richard Moore, 57, is the first prisoner in the state forced to choose his form of capital punishment after a year-old law made the electric chair the default form of captial punishment but still allowed inmates to choose death by firing squad.

Moore has been on death row since his conviction for the 1999 murder of a Spartanburg store clerk. According to the New York Post, Moore “was scheduled to be killed via lethal injection in 2020 but officials could not secure the lethal injection drugs needed for the execution.”

The decision to be executed by firing squad will make Moore just the fourth US inmate to be executed in such a manner since 1976. However, Moore’s attorneys are hoping to postpone the execution on the grounds that forcing an inmate to choose between execution via electrocution or firing squad constitutes a form of “cruel and unsual punishment.”


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