Soon-to-Be Buried Woman Discovered as Coherent After Banging Coffin During Funeral

A Peruvian woman named Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca recently stunned the onlookers at her funeral reception when she banged on the lid of her own casket after it was believed that she died from a violent crash in Lambayeque, Peru. When the cemetery’s caretaker removed the casket lid, Rosa’s family members discovered that she was fully coherent as her eyes were wide open. Therefore, they rushed the casket to the Referential Hospital Ferrenafe in Lambayeque with Rosa in tow.

Upon her arrival at the facility, medics rushed to restore the 36-year-old’s vital signs but unfortunately, she was pronounced dead again shortly thereafter. This time, the doctors on hand had a very angry family to deal with as they wanted clarification as to why Rosa had been pronounced dead in the first place. Since then, local police have opened up an investigation into the matter.

In wake of Rosa’s tragic passing, her family has floated the theory that their late relative simply fell into a coma after she was involved in a crash, which is why her doctors mistakenly pronounced her dead when she clearly wasn’t.

“We want to know why my niece reacted yesterday when we were taking her to be buried,” said Rosa’s aunt in an interview with the local media. “We have the videos in which she pushes and touches the coffin.”

While the investigation of Rosa’s death is still ongoing, video footage from her funeral has gone viral. Scroll up to watch her family members attempt to rush their loved one to the hospital.

Source: The Sun

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