SOB x RBE Affiliate Lil Theze Reportedly Shot & Killed Trying to Rob Retired Cop

Vallejo rapper Lil Theze was reportedly shot and killed Thursday while attempting to rob a retired police captain.

Retired Oakland police captain Ersie Joyner was fueling his vehicle at a gas station when three suspects arrived in a black sedan and attempted to rob him at gunpoint. Surveillance footage shows Joyner move aside to allow one of the robbers to enter his vehicle before drawing his weapon and exchanging gunfire with the three men.

Joyner shot two of the suspects, killing one and wounding another. Two of the robbers returned fire and shot Joyner as well. During the shootout, one of the three robbers tried dragging the deceased suspect away before giving up and returning to the black sedan. Investigators believe a fourth suspect was involved as a getaway driver.

While the identity of the deceased robber was withheld until his family was notified, various reports claim the suspect was rapper Lil Theze. The up-and-coming artist released a number of singles in recent years, including a collaboration with SOB x RBE’s DaBoii.

Following the shooting, Joyner was rushed to a local hospital to undergo emergency surgery. The former policeman was reportedly shot six times during the attempted robbery.

Joyner, who was a 28-year veteran, retired from the force two years ago and now owns a cannabis company. During his career, he was the former head of the police department’s Ceasefire program and led the homicide unit.

Source: KTVU

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