Sidney Starr Says She DM’ed DaBaby to Help Him With LGBTQ Scandal

Previously, Sidney Starr was in the news after being spotted flirting with actor Darius McCrary on Instagram. Now, Starr has revealed they reached out to DaBaby to offer help after his homophobic comments led to massive backlash from the LGBTQ community.

While on the morning show on 107.5 WGCI, Starr spoke to the radio hosts about being on reality TV, who they are dating, and their thoughts on the whole situation with DaBaby.

Starr went on to give advice to the rapper while revealing she reached out to him. Sidney went on to say, “All I’mma say is, just don’t make the same mistakes twice. So, DaBaby he gon’ have to deal with the repercussions. He’ll be fine in about a year or two. Let’s just…make sure you watch your mouth and then now you gotta be more LGBT friendly. So, in my opinion, sh*t, I actually DMed him. I said, ‘Baby now, you need to befriend a popular trans woman like myself. Let’s be friends. Hang out. So you can show the world that you cool with the community.”

The ‘Love and Hip Hop’ personality went on to say, “Hang out with me. Told him that this—you ain’t [a] homophobe. You not transphobe. Let’s hang out. Let’s get some drinks, you know.” However, Starr noted they didn’t get any message back from DaBaby. Watch above.

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