Self Defense Guru Dale Brown Demonstrates How Chris Rock Should’ve Handled Will Smith

Amidst the horrific string of crimes that occur in the city of Detroit on a daily basis, there has emerged a man who’s created a unique brand of self-defense that is heavily reliant on his fundamental technique, knowledge, and charisma. Dale Brown is commonly known throughout the urban news cycles on social media as Detroit D.U.S.K. (which is also the namesake of his self-defense company), but he has become even more famous for the way in which his instructional videos often suggests that people should react in the face of life-threatening situations. Many of Brown’s naysayers have speculated that his simplistic approach to de-escalating an attack would never actually work in real life. Nevertheless, a fair amount of his instructional video clips have gone viral.

Hence, when Will Smith slapped Chris Rockacross the face at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, Brown was quick to turn the act of violence into another teaching moment for his followers on social media. On the day following the incident involving Smith and Rock, Brown took to Instagram decked out in his signature tactical gear to display what the latter should have done in order to protect himself from being slapped on national TV.

“I’m going to share with you how you can prevent yourself from being slapped in the mouth when you say something about someone’s wife you shouldn’t have said in the first place,” Brown said as the instructional self-defense clip gets underway.

“So, the first you should do when a man is coming towards you to confront you, instead of laughing, you simply move off stage left…and if you have to…block,” added Brown as he ducked a fake punch from his fellow demonstrator. “Now, if he’s moving too fast then you’re gonna have to improvise. Which means [duck and move] to the side and then you come up…and from here, you simply push the elbows away and say ‘Hey, sorry about what I said about your wife, I apologize,’ and simply move [him] away from you…These are intelligent options which will increase your survivability.”

Source: Instagram

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