Scientists in Chicago are Working on New Technology that Can Predict Urban Crime

About 10 years ago the Chicago Police Department and a group of academic researchers enacted a Crime and Victimization Risk Model to help them better ascertain suspects and predetermine their criminal activity. Although the concept appeared to be ahead of its time, the application was far too inaccurate to maintain. Fast forward to a decade later when scientists at the University of Chicago believe they may have cracked the code on predicting would-be crime, largely because of the failures of their predecessors. The project is headed by an assistant professor named Ishanu Chattopadhyay.

According to reports, the team’s newly developed algorithm works by analyzing historical statistics/data based on the previous transgressions and various locations within the city. The problem-solving calculation also divides Chicago up into 1,000 individual square feet tiles in order to help the administrators better assess the city’s most dangerous areas. It’s already being rumored that this new technology could be 90 percent accurate.

There is still no word on when and/or if Major Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Police Department will actually utilize the “urban crime prediction” technology but because their city currently ranks #4 in gun violence amongst all U.S. cities, there might come a time when they strongly consider it.

Source: Interesting Engineering

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