Rubi Rose Claims DDG Blocked Every Rapper Who Messaged Her to Collab

Rubi Rose shocked followers on Wednesday after she tweeted about missing her ex-boyfriend, rapper DDG, especially his performance in the bedroom. However, Rubi later claimed that it was DDG that posted the messages from her phone.

Rubi wrote, “This n***a mad I don’t wanna be with him and took my phone and posted that weird sh*t. Literally locked himself in a room and took my phone. I loved him fr, but it’s just too much now. He deserves to be happy and so do I. He wants to chase prostitutes, I’m not the one for him. Literally blocks every rapper in the industry who dms me… like damn I just wanna make music smh. Idgaf how another n***a feel about me.”

Rubi also claimed that DDG pretended to be a delivery man to get into her house. He responded on Instagram, claiming that Rubi called him repeatedly after posting on Twitter.

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