Romeo Miller Defends Master P After Drama Surrounding C-Murder’s Case

Romeo Miller recently joined The Mix to open up about C-Murder’s case and the family drama surrounding it. After warning Kim Kardashian about getting involved and a back and forth dispute with Monica, Master P was accused by family members of not doing enough to help. In response, Master P announced that he was cutting off the ATM to “ungrateful” family members.

Romeo stated that he wants his uncle released “by any means necessary.” He also admitted that there are too many people between Master P and C-Murder and it’s not good for both sides. However, Romeo doesn’t think that Master P should receive all of the blame.

“The unfortunate thing that’s happening with my family is that everybody is blaming a man for their lack of success or happiness – this isn’t God we’re talking about,” Romeo said. “What if my dad never dreamed big? What if my dad never made it? What if Master P chose to settle as a kid and was murdered in the Calliope Projects like his little brother Kevin? What if my pops was sitting in jail like my Uncle C? Then who would these stories be about? I’mma keep it real with y’all and be very transparent – my father’s been trying to save a few of his own kids lives. That’s an everyday job, 365. Every kid didn’t deal with being the son or daughter of Master P like I did. Every human, every family is going through something.”

Source: The Mix

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