Roddy Ricch Says Nipsey Hussle is The “L.A. Jay-Z”

Roddy Ricch just dropped his latest album, ‘Live Life Fast,’ and the project has been met with a warm reception. Ahead of the project, Roddy spoke with Zane Lowe to speak on many topics including the impact he has on his community, as well as his collaboration and relationship with Nipsey Hussle.

While speaking on the late rapper, Roddy said, “Nip was like L.A. Jay-Z. It wasn’t just a conversation thing. It was like an actual thing.” Roddy then noted Nip was actually in his neighborhood making an impact, saying, “Like he owned his masters. He buying up the block. … Like you could catch him at your local gas station like on the real, hopping out, Maybach, taking pictures with people mamas, people aunties, little n***as.”

Roddy then talked bout Nipsey’s worldwide impact, saying, “That was him. Like when you get all the hoods to just slide up on your store and you got the different religious groups pulling up. Like that ain’t normal for nobody. That’s like bigger than life and that’s the thing. I just feel like people ain’t really feel it until it was gone.” Watch above.

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