Roddy Ricch Calls Out Kanye West for Devaluing His Grammy Accomplishment

Many music fans took issue with Kanye West’s win at last night’s Grammys after he urinated on one of his Grammys months ago. Roddy Ricch also voiced his frustration with Kanye’s infamous act because he feels it devalued the six nominations he received.

While on Instagram Live, Roddy Ricch reflected on his six nominations. During his live stream, he was seemingly annoyed at his accomplishment not being viewed as noteworthy as it would have been in previous years and placed some of the blame on Kanye’s actions in September 2020.

“If I get nominated for six Grammys, and a n**** I look to have 25 of these mother*******, and I come in here I want to get nominated for six this year,” Ricch said. “I feel that’s a good number. And this year, the n**** just piss on that s***. How you think that made the world look at my accomplishment? That I worked for. I did all this s***! And you pissing on s***. That s*** be lame.”

Roddy Ricch’s nominations included Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap/Sung Performance. He also performed “Rockstar,” “Heartless,” and “The Box” at last night’s 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

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