Rising Baton Rouge Rapper TrueBleeda Shot & Killed in Drive-By Shooting


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A Louisiana rapper by the name of TrueBleeda was recently the victim of a drive-by shooting that left him dead, along with an associate of his named Clifton Lindsay. These murders come during a time when their native city has been engulfed in a record-breaking streak of homicides dating back to the year 2020. Nevertheless, the local police are attributing this double murder to gang activity.

An up-and-coming rapper from the capital city of Baton Rouge, TrueBleeda released his final music video called “Soul Survivor” less than a week ago. In response to the tragic death of the teenage musician, the Mayor-President of Baton Rouge Sharon Weston Broome released the following statement.

“Today, we have seen yet another troubling episode of gun violence shake the core of our community with a shooting along Bluebonnet Blvd. this afternoon,” Broome said. “This violence affects the lives of everyone within our parish. While we work to bring justice to the victims, we must understand that we cannot be controlled by fear. We must work together to identify those committing criminal activity and instill accountability, to create a safer community for everyone. Baton Rouge residents deserve to live in a community of peace. I am confident as we band together, we as a community can overcome these challenges for a better future.”

Stay tuned for updates on this tragic story.

Source: HipHopDX

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