Ring Doorbell Video Shows Las Vegas Man Threatening to Rape, Kill Woman

A disturbing RIng doorbell video has gone viral showing a man cooly threaten to rape and kill a woman inside her home.

Christopher Sumbs, 40. has been identified as the man in the video. In the Ring video, Sumbs can be heard asking the female occupant, “Are you sure? Are you positive? I just have a few questions for you.” The woman told reporters that she never responded to any of Sumb’s question and instead, hid in another room before calling 911.

The woman’s husband, who wasn’t home, accessed the intercom and asked who the man was. “What I’m looking for is the girl in the house cause I’m going to rape her and kill her. Can you have her open the door?” Sumbs said in response.

He was arrested the next day in the same neighborhood after someone called authorities complaining about a suspicious person. Sumbs was identified as the man in the viral Ring video and was subsequently arrested. However, while being apprehended, Sumbs identified himself as the “Holy Spirit.”

Sumbs was charged with aggravated stalking, coercing with threat of force, attempted burglary, and providing a false statement to a public officer.

Source: youtube.com

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