Ricky Martin Accused of Incest with His Nephew, Could Face Up to 50 Yrs in Prison

Legendary Latin pop singer Ricky Martin could face up to 50 years in prison amid allegations that he engaged in an incestuous relationship with his 21-year-old nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez. The forbidden love affair is said to have lasted about seven months, during which time the five-time Latin Grammy Award winner reportedly abused his nephew emotionally and physically before stalking him after their break-up, which also included the violation of a restraining order.

The island of Puerto Rico has very stern laws in place when it comes to those who choose to engage in incest.  So, with an uphill legal battle seemingly on the horizon, the 50-year-old pop singer took to Twitter to assure his supporters that the allegations are misplaced and that he intends to prove his innocence as the legal matter plays out.

“The protection order entered against me is based on completely false allegations, so I will respond through the judicial process with the facts and the dignity that characterize me,” Martin wrote. “Because it is an ongoing legal matter, I cannot make detailed statements at this time. I am grateful for the countless messages of solidarity, and I receive them with all my heart.”

The man many call the “King of Latin Pop” has not been convicted of anything yet, and his team of attorneys has made it clear that they intend to keep it that route to clearing his name.

“We are confident that when the true facts come to light in this matter, our client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated,” Martin’s representatives said in a statement.

For more news on this developing story, stay tuned.

Source: Yahoo! News

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