Reggie Warren of Famed R&B Group TROOP Dead at 52

Reggie Warren, a singer, and member of the famed R&B group Troop (stylized TROOP, meaning “Total Respect Of Other People”), reportedly passed away on Sunday at his home in Pasadena, CA.

Warren was one of the group’s original five members that helped solidify the New Jack Swing sound first ushered in by the group Guy. The singer has had a history of health issues, most recently forcing him into the hospital in January.

A rep for the group told TMZ that the family would not be releasing a statement on Warren’s death until a formal autopsy has been completed. However, the family hasn’t indicated that his death was COVID-19 related.

Troop achieved three No. 1 singles during their heyday: “Spread My Wings,” “All I Do Is Think Of You,” and “Sweet November.” They also have one certified platinum album and three certified gold albums.


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