Rapper Who Raps About Robbing ATMs Among 4 Arrested for Robbing an ATM

According to reports, rapper “213 Jugg god” known for his bars about robbing ATMs has found himself among a group of suspects arrested for that very act.

Nashville police say Ladesion Riley, 30, was arrested along with three others who carried out a plot to rob an ATM technician as he serviced a Bank of America machine.

The other three suspects include Darius Dugas, 27, Sashondre Dugas, 32, and Christopher Alton, 27, from Houston, Texas. Authorities say two of the suspects approached the ATM tech from behind and directed him not to make any sudden movements.

After pulling off the robbery, the group returned their rented getaway vehicle back to a local Hertz which investigators were able to locate and obtain information regarding the group’s whereabouts.

Per Fox 5 NY:

Detectives watched as what appeared to be cash was loaded into the Jeep. When the Dugas couple and Riley pulled away from the motel in the Jeep, and as Alton drove away in the Hyundai, Dickson Police moved in with the assistance of the Nashville Police Department and the FBI.

The foursome face federal charges and are being investigated in connection to similar robberies elsewhere.

Source: Fox5ny.com

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