Rapper Teejayx6 Speaks About Scamming His Way Into $10M Deal

Rapper Teejayx6 is set to appear on the new HBO documentary series Generation Hustle where he speaks about scamming his way into a $10 million deal.

A trailer for the documentary shows various people speaking about how they scammed others for large amounts of money. Teejayx6 then appears on screen, grinning, while telling viewers, “I scammed myself into a record deal for $10 million.”

Teejayx6’s songs primarily center around scamming and credit card fraud, including “Swipe Story,” which boasts 4.3 million views on YouTube, and “Website Scamming” with 2.4 million views. Last year, Teejayx6 spoke to XXL about getting into scamming after meeting someone playing video games, who turned him on to Instagram scams. He explained, “First, I used to play basketball, but then that sh*t got boring. Then I went into games. I met somebody on there who was doing the Instagram scamming.”

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