Ralo Could Be Released as Part of Biden’s Clemency Program

Last week, Drake and Meek Mill signed off on a letter to President Biden asking to grant clemency for Ralo, which reads, “On behalf of Terrell Davis and his family, we strongly urge you to grant clemency for Mr. Davis, who is serving federal time for a nonviolent marijuana offense.”

Now, cannabis and clemency advocate Weldon Angelos revealed to TMZ that Ralo could be released under the Biden administration’s clemency program, which benefits non-violent cannabis offenders like Ralo. Weldon also revealed that the White House reached out to him personally to speak about the clemency program it’s putting together, and he thinks it could benefit Ralo.

While Ralo was busted with 444 pounds of weed in 2018, Weldon points out that the rapper was arrested “for violating the same federal statute many entrepreneurs and corporations violate every day in 36 states across the country, who are not subject to federal prosecution.” Weldon added, “If this clemency program is launched, this would apply to people like Ralo.”

Source: TMZ

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