Quando Rondo Addresses Only 50 People Being at His Show

Recently, Quando Rondo made an appearance in Waycross, Georgia, where he had a performance booked. However, the performance seemed to be a little light, as there weren’t too many people in attendance.

The rapper could be seen on stage with many people, arguably with more people on stage than in the crowd. Quando Rondo could be heard saying, “I ain’t gon’ lie. My shows really be deeper than this,” he said. “But I know a nigga got a lot of shit going on, you feel me? But I still appreciate everybody who came out. Ima rock this bitch like it’s 10,000 people in here.”

In a previous Instagram Live session, the rapper addressed all the issues he’s been having with booking shows since the tragic shooting involving King Von.

Quando said, “I can’t do no shows ’cause y’all keep this internet shit going. Every time I do get a show booked or something, the promoter calling back. ‘Oh, the police station threatening the venue. They saying if something go down Ima lose my club license. Send my money back, this and that. Can we try this again in a couple months. Time heals everything.’ This ’cause of y’all folks.” Take a look above.

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