Protests Erupt After Ohio Cops Shoot Unarmed 25-Yr-Old 60 Times, Fired 90 Shots

The shooting death of a 25-year-old man in Akron, Ohio, named Jayland Walker due to a traffic violation has caused much backlash and protests. The shooting reportedly occurred on June 27, and police allegedly attempted to stop Walker for a traffic violation.

Police in Akron claim Walker had them on a high-speed chase and that the 25-year-old allegedly fired shots at them. Police then claimed that Walker tried to take off on foot before using their tasers. However, authorities say eight police officers fired over 90 shots at Walker within seconds. Walker was hit about 60 times.

Walker did not have a criminal record, and although a gun was allegedly located in his vehicle, Walker did not have a weapon when he was shot and killed. It was noted that after Walker was shot down, police put the man in handcuffs. The eight police officers who fired off on Walker have been placed on paid leave. Since the shooting, many protests have erupted, and the City of Akron has canceled its 4th of July celebrations as they anticipate more protests. Stay tuned for more updates.


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