Priest Admits to Murdering Wife and Dissolving Her Body in Acid

According to reports, a Lutheran priest in Denmark was sentenced to 15 years in prison after admitting to murdering his wife and dissolving her body in acid. The priest said he got the idea from an episode of Breaking Bad.

On Tuesday, Thomas Gotthard, 44, admitted to the court that he killed his wife, Maria Gotthard, 43, after a long period of marital strife and him falling in love with another woman.

“I killed Maria,” Gotthard said at the end of his trial. “I ended her life; she did not deserve that fate. I am guilty of having lied and deceived you all. I’ve been a total thug. I have sent my life out into the darkness where I want to stay. No one should feel sorry for me.”

Up until last month, Gotthard maintained his innocence. However, the disgraced priest admitted guilt and detailed hitting his wife over the head with a stone before trying to dissolve it in a barrel of hydrochloric acid and caustic soda. He described chopping the body up into small pieces and burying the remains that wouldn’t dissolve.

“This is not an unhappy love story about a man who could not get the love of his life,” prosecutor Anne-Mette Seerup said. “Or the third love of his life. On the contrary, this is a man who saw his wife as a block and chain around his leg.”


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