Polo G’s Close Friend B-Money Reportedly Shot and Killed


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Recently, it was revealed that B-Money, a close friend of Polo G, was shot and killed. There has been much speculation as to what went down, but Polo G has taken to Instagram to show love to the memory of his friend.

Polo G went on to say, “💔💔💔💔💔My Lil Brotha Man on Gucci I can’t see myself doin this s**t w out you broski Ik I’ll neva meet a n***a like u again one of the realest n***as I eva met in my life I always made sure I reminded u of that.”

He continued saying, “🖤you was The heart of the hood yk how to make a whole room smile couldn’t nobody stay mad around you You was the very 1st n***a to eva show me support in this s**t when wasn’t nobody stuntin this shìt fr u let me kno I could do it & had my back all the way my 1st shows my 1st videos the shit I 1st recorded u was the 1st to hear it dis shìt stretch all the way to the sandbox doe before this rap s**t.” Take a look at the message above.

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