Polo G Hires 24-Hour Armed Guards to Protect Mom Following Break-In

Polo G has reportedly hired 24-hour armed guards to protect his mother following an incident where armed intruders broke into her home.

Polo G’s mom, Stacia, uploaded the harrowing footage of the assailants breaking into her home. She detailed having to open fire on the men to force them to retreat.

“I recently had an attempted break in at my home. At least three men attempted to break in (you’ll hear the assailant on camera say ‘y’all ready?!’ ) In real time on my camera I witnessed as an intruder kicked in my basement door,” Stacia’s caption read. “While multiple intruders flocked to other entry points of my home. I began to open fire upon them.”

In response to the ordeal, Polo G hired “24-hour permanent armed guards” to see to it that nothing like this happens again.

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