Police Sued for Mistaking Ashes Of Black Man’s Daughter For Drugs

According to reports, a man named Dartavius Branes is suing police officers who allegedly mistook his 2-year-old daughter’s ashes for drugs.

The incident in question found Barnes screaming at police, saying “No, no, no, bro, that’s my daughter!,” while being cuffed in the back of a squad car. Police could be seen looking at a substance they found in the car and could be heard on camera questioning if it was a drug or not. The police field test came back positive, but it was noted that the remains were actually that of his late daughter, who died in February 2019.

As a result of the incident with police, which was caught on an officer’s body camera, Barnes is suing the city of Springfield along with various police officers. The suit claims the officers opened up his daughter—Ta’Naja’s ashes without his consent, then spilled them while searching his vehicle.

source: WGN

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