Police Seize 120 lbs of Marijuana at Buffalo Airport, 4 Men Arrested

Authorities at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport seized $400,000 of marijuana and arrested four men, including a father-son pair, on Saturday.

The four men were on a flight from Sacramento, California, and were arrested after their American Airlines flight landed at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. Police in Buffalo received a tip alerting them of a “large amount of marijuana” on an inbound flight.

When the flight landed, K9 sniffed out the marijuana distributed between six checked bags. The total stashed weighed 120 lbs. The four suspects – father and son Deon Burnett, 52 and Deon Burnett Jr., 18, Jacari Brooks, 18, and Kevin Tucker, 49 – were charged with first-degree criminal possession of marijuana (a Class-C felony). Authorities say other charges may follow.

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