Police Seize $1.7B Worth of Cocaine After Accessing Encrypted Network

According to reports, police in Belgium noted they seized 28 tons of cocaine after they were able to gain access to an encrypted phone network used by dealers. The estimated value of the amount of cocaine seized reportedly came out to 1.4 billion euros, equal to almost $1.75 billion USD.

The Belgian Federal Police issued a statement on the matter earlier this week, said that police seized almost 28 tons of cocaine from the port of Antwerp. One of the shipments found reportedly contained 11 tons of cocaine and was shipped overnight from April 2 into the 3rd.

The Belgian Federal Police said, “During a judicial investigation into a potential service criminal organization suspected of knowingly providing encrypted telephones to the criminal environment, police specialists managed to crack the encrypted messages from Sky ECC. This data provides elements in current files, but also opened up new criminal offenses. The international smuggling of cocaine batches plays a prominent role in intercepted reports.” The police are currently still investigating the matter.

source: CNN

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