Police Reportedly Seize $41M Worth of Cocaine Disguised as Charcoal

According to reports, Irish and Dutch authorities seized roughly $41 million worth of cocaine disguised as charcoal.

The drugs were found in two shipping crates in the Netherlands after they arrived from South America. Drug sniffing dogs and X-Ray technology helped authorities discover the cocaine, which was being concealed in bags of charcoal.

Forensic Science Ireland (FSI) confirmed the presence of cocaine but noted it “will take a number of days and perhaps longer for FSI to extract the cocaine from the product within which it is concealed,” reads the press release.

Arrests are expected to be made as part of an ongoing investigation by the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau. “This is a significant development in the Garda Síochána’s effort to disrupt and dismantle organised crime groups suspected to be involved in the importation of cocaine and other drugs into Ireland,” said assistant commissioner John O’Driscoll of the Garda Síochána.

O’Driscoll focused on the “significant international dimension” of the operation and the “importance of cooperation within the law enforcement community within Europe and further afield.”

Source: cnn.com

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