Police fatally shoot man suspected of killing Cracker Barrel manager

Police officers fatally shot the gunman who murdered a manager at a Houston Cracker Barrel when she tried to protect a co-worker from being mugged, officials announced Sunday night.

Undercover deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were conducting surveillance on the murder suspect, a 28-year-old black male, when they saw him leave the location around 6 p.m. and begin walking down the street, Mike Lee, assistant chief with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said at a press conference.

He was approached by the deputies, who called him by name before two deputies opened fire when they believed he had a weapon.

“He began running from them and as they were chasing them, he made some gestures as if he were pointing a weapon at them. At that time our deputies opened fire … on the suspect,” Lee said.

The suspect was transported to Kingwood Hospital in Houston, where he was pronounced dead. His name is not being released until he’s ID’d by the county forensics office.

Sgt. Dennis Wollford of the department’s homicide unit said the suspect had two open felony assault warrants, and was “believed to be armed and dangerous.”

Wollford said there’s “not an obvious gun that we’ve located,” but said officials are still processing the scene.

Source: NYPost

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