Police Dog Bites Cop For Attacking Teenager

A police dog bit his own handler after the officer threw a young man to the ground during another chaotic Spring Break incident this week.

Shocking video uploaded on Monday shows a K-9 Unit officer yelling at a group of Spring Breakers at a parking lot and using the dog to get them away as another officer appears to be arresting one of the bikini-clad revelers.

While the officer yells at a woman in a bikini, a young man in a red cap looks to intervene. After the woman storms off, the officer then follows the young man, who puts his hands up for a moment as he walks away.

The officer suddenly make a grab for the man, who puts his hands up one last time before being tackled to the ground.

As onlookers scream and insist that the young man ‘didn’t do anything,’ the officer’s dog becomes agitated and bites his own handler, who yells at the dog.

‘Oh my god. He’s biting him,’ one of the onlookers yelled. ‘He’s biting his a**. ‘

Source: DailyMail

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