Police Arrest ‘La Linea’ Cartel Leader Accused of Good Friday Massacre Near U.S. Border

According to reports, Mexican officials have arrested the “La Linea” cartel lieutenant who is widely believed to have orchestrated the infamous Good Friday massacre that took place a few weeks ago near the U.S. border.

Technically, the man is commonly known throughout Northwest Chihuahuawas as “El Johnny” was apprehended for a warrant that was issued in association with a sexual assault (of a minor) charge, but now he’s being investigated for more allegations. Although El Johnny (aka Juan Manuel) was captured by the local authorities at the Cancun International Airport, it still hasn’t been determined whether he was trying to flee Mexico or re-enter his native country. But what is abundantly clear is that he had been evading the police for quite some time, leading up to his arrest.

After a feebled attempt at talking his way out of the arrest with a series of falsified documents, the La Linea lieutenant was flown to Chihuahua City on Tuesday where he was taken to the Cereso 1 state prison, which is located in the town of Aquiles Serdan.

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Source: MSN

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